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A House Divided
Jan Jacobi
Young Lincoln

March 10 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Bjorn Skaptason interviews author and educator Jan Jacobi about his new book, Young Lincoln.
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Young Lincoln
by Jan Jacobi
Air Date/Time March 10, 12 Noon (Central)
1st ed., 208p., paperback

Abe Lincoln is growing up on the American frontier in Indiana. It s cold, there isn t usually enough to eat, there s nothing at all to read, and the one job that awaits him is farmer, like his overbearing father.

But a chance to travel down the Mississippi river offers Abe the opportunity to see and meet people...

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March 10
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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3 thoughts on “A House Divided
Jan Jacobi
Young Lincoln

  1. Mr. Jacobi, what book most influenced you as you became a student of Lincoln and did Dorothy and Philip Kunhardt's Twenty Days and Stefan Lorant's Life of Lincoln influence you?

    Thank you,

    Samuel Black Dayton, Ohio

    1. Hi Samuel! I have a reply from Jan: "It's Herndon's Informants, edited by Douglas Wilson and Rodney Davis. I particularly remember that Stefan Lorant is probably the first Lincoln author that I remember from my early days…"

      Great Question, Samuel! Sorry we didn't get to answer on air, but thank you for watching!

  2. Watching this in Dayton, Ohio and this a great interview thank you. I can't wait to get the book witch I ordered today.
    Thanks again Samuel Black
    Love the Abraham Lincoln bookstore

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