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A House Divided
Jan Jacobi
Young Lincoln

Bjorn Skaptason interviews author and educator Jan Jacobi about his new book, Young Lincoln.
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Young Lincoln

Young Lincoln
by Jan Jacobi
Air Date/Time March 10, 12 Noon (Central)
1st ed., 208p., paperback

Abe Lincoln is growing up on the American frontier in Indiana. It s cold, there isn t usually enough to eat, there s nothing at all to read, and the one job that awaits him is farmer, like his overbearing father.

But a chance to travel down the Mississippi river offers Abe the opportunity to see and meet people...[+] READ MORE

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  1. Samuel Black

    Mr. Jacobi, what book most influenced you as you became a student of Lincoln and did Dorothy and Philip Kunhardt's Twenty Days and Stefan Lorant's Life of Lincoln influence you?

    Thank you,

    Samuel Black Dayton, Ohio

    • Victoria Rector

      Hi Samuel! I have a reply from Jan: "It's Herndon's Informants, edited by Douglas Wilson and Rodney Davis. I particularly remember that Stefan Lorant is probably the first Lincoln author that I remember from my early days…"

      Great Question, Samuel! Sorry we didn't get to answer on air, but thank you for watching!

  2. Samuel Black

    Watching this in Dayton, Ohio and this a great interview thank you. I can't wait to get the book witch I ordered today.
    Thanks again Samuel Black
    Love the Abraham Lincoln bookstore