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A House Divided
Brian Dirck
Lincoln in Indiana &
Guy Fraker
Looking for Lincoln in Illinois

Daniel Weinberg  spoke  with Brian Dirck and Guy Fraker.

Dirck discussed Lincoln in Indiana and Fraker spoke about Looking for Lincoln in Illinois. Join us for a compelling talk about Lincoln in the Midwest.

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Lincoln in Indiana

Lincoln In Indiana By Brian Dirck $24.95 Air Date/Time October 20, 5pm (Central) 1st ed., 152p., cloth Available through Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, please call the shop at 312/944-3085

Abraham Lincoln, born in Kentucky in 1809, moved with his parents, Thomas and Nancy Lincoln, and his older sister, Sarah, to the Pigeon Creek area of southern Indiana in 1816.  

There Lincoln spent more than a quarter of his life. It was in Indiana that...[+] READ MORE

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Looking for Lincoln in Illinois

Looking for Lincoln in Illinois

Looking for Lincoln in Illinois: A Guide to Lincoln’s Eighth Judicial Circuit By Guy Fraker $21.95 Air Date/Time October 20,  5pm (Central) 1st ed., 128p., paperback

In Looking for Lincoln in Illinois: A Guide to Lincoln’s Eighth Judicial Circuit. Guy Fraker explores Lincoln’s legal career as he directs readers and travelers through the prairies to the towns Lincoln visited regularly.

For twenty-three years Abraham Lincoln practiced law on the Eighth Judicial Circuit in east central Illinois. Twice a year,...[+] READ MORE

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