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A House Divided
Judith Giesberg
Sex and the Civil War &
Jonathan W. White
Midnight in America

Daniel Weinberg talked with Judith Giesberg about her book, Sex and the Civil War and Jonathan W. White, author of Midnight in America. 

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Sex and the Civil War

Sex and the Civil War

Sex and the Civil War: Soldiers, Pornography and the Making of American Morality
By Judith Giesberg
Air Date/Time March 25, 12 Noon (Central)
1st ed., 152 p., 26 halftones, notes, bibl., index, cloth with dj

Civil War soldiers enjoyed unprecedented access to obscene materials of all sorts, including mass-produced erotic fiction, cartes de visite, playing cards, and stereographs.

A perfect storm of antebellum legal, technological, and commercial developments, coupled with the concentration of men fed...[+] READ MORE

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Midnight in America

Midnight In America

Midnight In America: Darkness, Sleep and Dreams During the Civil War
By Jonathan W. White
Air Date/Time March 25, 12 Noon (Central)
1st ed., 296 p. 25 halftones, notes, bibl., index, cloth with dj

The Civil War brought many forms of upheaval to America, not only in waking hours but also in the dark of night.

Sleeplessness plagued the Union and Confederate armies, and dreams of war glided through the minds of Americans...[+] READ MORE

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