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Berta’s Books
Julia Claiborne Johnson
Be Frank With Me

May 10 @ 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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Roberta Rubin interviews author Julia Claiborne Johnson about her newest novel Be Frank With Me.

Reclusive novelist Mimi Banning needs the assistant her publisher sent, Alice, to help her finish her book… But it’s Mimi’s nine year old son Frank who actually runs things in this breakout debut novel.

Be Frank With Me
by Julia Claiborne Johnson
Air Date/Time: May 10, 3:30pm (Central)
304, hardcover

Reclusive literary legend M. M. “Mimi” Banning has been holed up in her Bel Air mansion for years. But after falling prey to a Bernie Madoff-style ponzi scheme, she’s flat broke. Now Mimi must write a new book for the first time in decades, and to ensure the timely delivery of her manuscript, her New York publisher sends an assistant...

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One thought on “Berta’s Books
Julia Claiborne Johnson
Be Frank With Me

  1. In Be Frank With Me M.M. Banning has fans who try to see her outside her LA home because of their love of her book Pitched. What book or author are you a fan of?

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