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Stranger Than Fiction
Ed Gordon
Divided on D-Day

Bjorn Skaptason interviewed Ed Gordon  about his new book, Divided on D-Day. 

Two historians, one American and one British, show how lack of cooperation and bad decisions lengthened the war, increased casualties, and allowed the later Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.

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Divided on D-Day

Divided on D-Day

Divided on D-Day:
How Conflicts and Rivalries Jeopardized the
Allied Victory at Normandy
By Ed Gordon &  David Ramsay
Air Date/Time: November 9, 5pm (Central)
1st ed., 461p., cloth

In anticipation of the 75th anniversary of D-Day comes this fresh perspective on the Normandy invasion — -the beginning of the end of World War II. The book highlights the conflicting egos, national rivalries, and professional abilities of the principal D-Day commanders who...[+] READ MORE

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