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Stranger Than Fiction Talks about
Algren: A Life

Paul Berlanga talked with Mary Wisniewski about her critically acclaimed book, Algren: A Life.

This is a fresh look at the man whose unique style and compassionate message enchanted readers and fellow writers.

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Algren: A Life

Algren: A Life

Algren: A Life
By Mary Wisniewski
Air Date/Time January 17,  6pm  (Central)
1st ed., Cloth, with dj.

A tireless champion of the downtrodden, Nelson Algren, one of the most celebrated writers of the 20th century, lived an outsider’s life himself. He spent a month in prison as a young man for the theft of a typewriter; his involvement in Marxist groups earned him a lengthy FBI dossier; and he spent much of his life palling around with the...[+] READ MORE

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