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Author’s Voice®, offers book programs designed to bring authors directly to you, live.

Book tours are expensive and exhausting. Many authors do not tour at all.  Author’s Voice might be your only chance to see your favorite author.

The best part about seeing an author is the opportunity to get a signed copy of a potential classic. Getting an author’s signature adds value and a personal connection, too.

Visit this site at airtime. Click the link on the home page of our site. You’ll be taken to the viewer. Then, sit back and enjoy the show. Use our Ask A Question button to send us a question. You can order a book before or during the program, too.

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A House Divided  is focused on Lincoln and Civil War books. The program was born at Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. It’s the world’s only book shop dedicated to Lincoln and the US Civil War. Usually,  the show will feature an artifact related to the book. This allows you to see some of the best items available at the shop; a virtual visit! Spanning over 10 years and over 100 titles, the program launched in November 2005.

The program is often hosted by Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. owner, Daniel Weinberg or Bjorn Skaptason, Author’s Voice Executive Producer.

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Berta’s Books is Roberta Rubin’s program on Author’s Voice. Roberta brings over 30 years of bookseller insight to her program. Whether the latest best-selling author or an up-and-coming new author, her insight and experience will always make for compelling conversation.

Roberta Rubin is currently the co-chair of the Board of Directors of the American Writer’s Museum in Chicago. 

LadyBird & Friends is the young people’s book program on the Author’s Voice network. The show’s focus is family programming for book people. Parents, Young People, Grandparents, Caregivers, Educators—anyone who loves bringing reading to the lives of young people will enjoy watching—and interacting—with the LadyBird & Friends show. LadyBird & Friends always provides an entertaining and unique perspective on the world of books for young people.

Betsy Bird hosts the show. She is an active member of the children’s reading community. Join us for LadyBird & Friends!


Lit with Love is the Author’s Voice program dedicated to books about relationships, hopes and fantasies, and of course – Romance. While the genre of Romance is difficult to pin down. But the one thing the books share is an interest in the inner life of a character. Journeys are taken, hardships endured, and the heart holds out for that promise glimpsed in a stranger’s eye… Sigh.

The show is hosted by Sonali Dev. Her novels have been praised by Library Journal, NPR, Washington Post and Kirkus Best Books lists. She is the winner of the  American Library Association’s award for best romance in 2014.


Solved! is our Mystery and Thriller program. Why do we read mysteries and thrillers? We love to escape into brilliant prose and fascinating stories.  We find ourselves instantly involved in the characters’ lives, and being there with them, feeling what they feel, seeing what they see, experiencing their emotional journey.  Sometimes, we can even solve a puzzle, well before the lead character. How fun is it to be smarter than Adam Dalgliesh?

Solved! is hosted by best-selling author Libby Hellmann. Libby’s experience in the genre brings a uniquely razor-sharp perspective to her interviews.

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger than Fiction is the non-fiction branch of the Author’s Voice Network. Biographies, Autobiographies, Docudrama, Memoir, True Crime and other genres are great examples of the books featured on this program. Truth is indeed Stranger Than Fiction!

Stranger Than Fiction is hosted by Paul Berlanga. Paul is a Chicago native with duel careers in used and rare books; plus art and photography. His work emphasizes the writers and artists of Chicago.