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The Ultimate Guide to the Gettysburg Address


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The Ultimate Guide
to the Gettysburg Address
By David Hirsch & Dan Van Haften
Air Date/Time February 9,  6pm  (Central)
1st ed., Paperback, 64p.

Abraham Lincoln’s November 19, 1863, Gettysburg Address is generally recognized as one of the greatest leadership speeches ever written. The Ultimate Guide to the Gettysburg Address explains the 272-word speech more thoroughly than any book previously published. With the aid of colorized step-by-step diagrams, the authors deconstruct the speech into its basic elements and demonstrate how the scientific method is basic to the structure of the Gettysburg Address.

Lincoln’s fascination with geometry is well documented. Authors David Hirsch and Dan Van Haften, however, are the first to discover and then demonstrate Lincoln’s use of the six elements of a proposition and then diagram and explain how his in-depth study of geometry helped him compose the Gettysburg Address. The result is a deeper and richer understanding of the Gettysburg Address that was not previously possible. This concise color examination of one of our nation’s most treasured and important speeches is perfect for all ages and especially for those interested in history, the use of language, and logic.

The duo’s first book, Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason, is also available. 


David HirschDavid Hirsch is an attorney in Des Moines, Iowa. He has a BS from Michigan State University and a JD, with distinction, from the University of Iowa College of Law. He clerked for an Iowa Supreme Court Justice. Hirsch wrote for the American Bar Association Journal for over a decade. He is co-author of Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason. Hirsch writes and speaks on legal ethics, and on persuasive writing and speaking.

Dan Van HaftenDan Van Haften lives in Batavia Illinois. He has BS, with high honor, and MS degrees in mathematics from Michigan State University, and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He began his career with AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1970, and retired from Alcatel-Lucent in 2007. His work involved software development and system testing on telecommunication systems. Co-author of Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason, and Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, and the Structure of Reason.


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