William Tecumseh Sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman


William Tecumseh Sherman In the Service of My Country: A Life
By James Lee McDonough
Air Date/Time October 1 12 noon (Central)
1st edition, Signed

A major new biography of one of America’s most storied military figures.

General Sherman’s 1864 burning of Atlanta solidified his legacy as a ruthless leader. Yet Sherman proved far more complex than his legendary military tactics reveal.

James Lee McDonough offers fresh insight into a man tormented by the fear that history would pass him by, who was plagued by personal debts, and who lived much of his life separated from his family. As a soldier, Sherman evolved from a spirited student at West Point into a general who steered the Civil War’s most decisive campaigns, rendered here in graphic detail.

Lamenting casualties, Sherman sought the war’s swift end by devastating Southern resources in the Carolinas and on his famous March to the Sea. This meticulously researched biography explores Sherman’s warm friendship with Ulysses S. Grant, his strained relationship with his wife, Ellen, and his unassuageable grief over the death of his young son, Willy.

The result is a remarkable, comprehensive life of an American icon whose legacy resonates to this day.

Later Edition, cloth.

James Lee McDonoughJames Lee McDonough is a Civil War historian and professor emeritus at Auburn University. The author of nine books, including Nashville: The Western Confederacy’s Final Gamble and Shiloh: In Hell Before Night. He lives in Lewisburg, Tennessee.