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Emily Belden Hot Mess

Emily Belden
Hot Mess

Author’s Voice® Presents Emily Belden Hot Mess Emily Belden joined Sonali on July 31, 2018 to discuss her new novel, Hot Mess! Air Date:  July 31, 2018 @ 3:00 pm Share This Order a Signed Book Submit a Question About This Book Hot MessHot Mess by Emily Belden...
Katharine Ashe  The Prince

Katharine Ashe
The Prince

Author’s Voice® Presents Katharine Ashe The Prince Sonali Dev  interviews author Katharine Ashe about her new book, The Prince. Book 4 in the Devil’s Duke Series,  includes cross-dressing and the tale of a daring scheme that could send our star-crossed lovers...
Lit With Love  Priscilla Oliveras   Her Perfect Affair

Lit With Love
Priscilla Oliveras
Her Perfect Affair

Sonali Dev interviews author Priscilla Oliveras about her new Matched to Perfection title Her Perfect Affair. Serious Fernandez sister Rosa has very clear plans for responsible livin’. One dance with Jeremy later… Goodbye serious plans! Hello passion and...
Lit With LoveFalguni Kothari My Last Love Story

Lit With Love
Falguni Kothari
My Last Love Story

Sonali Dev interviews author Falguni Kothari about her newest novel My Last Love Story: about a dying husband, a grieving wife, and the man who is loved by them both. Order Your Signed Copy. My Last Love StoryMy Last Love Story By Falguni Kothari $15.99 Air Date/Time...
Lit With LoveSonali DevA Distant Heart

Lit With Love
Sonali Dev
A Distant Heart

Meredith Duran interviews author and Lit with Love host Sonali Dev about her newest novel – about a passion that can heal old wounds and new hearts, and finally set some old mistakes right: A Distant Heart. Order Your Signed Copy. A Distant HeartA Distant Heart...