A book related job – Editor

What is editing?

All the books we see came to the world through an editor.

Speaking of paper books, the work of collecting and weaving text and image manuscripts according to certain intentions is called “editing. 엑시인피니티게임

The area of editing is expanding further with the development of media. In addition to paper books, the role of the editor is emerging in various areas such as music, photos, and else.

The editor is involved in the entire process of creating a book and works.

Someone compared the editor to a chef, which is plausible.

The editor and the chef certainly resemble. Each other in that they plan and make dishes (books) suitable for the ingredients (manuscripts).

Just as different dishes and flavors come out depending on who makes them with the same ingredients, the shape and quality of the book vary depending on the editor.

The book <The Joy of Editing>, written by a Japanese editor named Masanobu Sugatsuge, even argues that “the history of mankind is the history of editing.”

It specifically presents how the act of editing began historically and what good editing is like.

The author believes that “editing” is bound to be involved in all actions of exchanging information.

And communicating, and that future society will be an era in which editorial power is competitive.

Various magazines are included as examples, so you can enjoy watching them. It is an introductory document recommended for publishing-related careers, especially college students or adults who dream of becoming editors.


Working as an editor.

To become an editor, I tend to think that I must graduate from the Department of Korean Language and Literature.
But that’s not the case at all.

The editor’s major subjects are as diverse as the books to be published.
(Of course, publishers who publish specialized books in a specific field often select majors in that field.)

Editors often work for publishers, so their work styles follow the publisher’s color.

Literature, humanities and social sciences, arts, economic management, practical books, children, education, learning references, and learning cartoons vary in editors’ work depending on the publisher’s main areas.