A book related job – Translator and publishing agent.

What kind of job will a translator do?

They are like another author of the translation.
The sentence the reader is reading is not written by the original author, but by the translator. Translating the original work written in a foreign language.
You can understand is not something you can do only well in foreign languages.

It is the translator who has all of this, including an understanding of works and writers, foreign language proficiency, and other proficiency.

When it comes to translators, they usually think of publishing translators who release books. In addition, there is also a “video translator” who is in charge of translating subtitles for videos such as movies.


What would it be like as a job?

After the AlphaGo shock, people realized that artificial intelligence and robots can replace people. Is that why?

Not long ago, a survey of members on a job site found that translators were ranked No. 1
Because I thought artificial intelligence translators were more than 90% likely to replace translators’ jobs.

What do you all think? The editor thought that the opposite result should come out.

Human language is unpredictable, changeless in itself. The same word is often used differently depending on the context. Can the translator really replace the numerous meanings contained in a sentence, that is, the intentions of the person who speaks, the context in which the sentence is written, the various psychologies conveyed through the context, and the numerous non-verbal expressions used in speaking?

For reference, in 2018, an organization called the International Translation Association hosted a “5-5 Translation Competition” between AI translators and human translators.

The result ended with an overwhelming victory for humans.

It is artificial intelligence that beat the world’s strongest Go player, but it has not been a human opponent in translation.

In response, Mike Schuster, who is in charge of Google’s research on the development of artificial intelligence translators, clearly says, “It is difficult for AI to replace human translators.”