How to Personalize Your iPhone’s Lock Screen

With the release of iOS 10 and Windows 8, the iPhone’s lock screen is no longer a thing of the past. The sliding gesture is replaced by pressing the Home button instead. 아이폰 추천 Siri, the assistant, is now available on the lock screen and can even send text messages and emails. However, it’s not just Siri on the lock screen. The following are some other ways to personalize your iPhone’s lock screen. Read on to learn more.

Windows 8 requires the lock screen feature

If you’ve been using a Windows phone for any amount of time, you’ve probably wondered whether it’s time to upgrade to Windows 8. Fortunately, the new operating system includes a new lock screen that provides a variety of benefits. Not only will the lock screen display notifications for a certain task or app, but you can also customize the background of the lock screen. Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons to switch to Windows 8.

Windows 8’s lock screen works like a dashboard, flashing notifications to remind you when your phone is locked. However, this is a cumbersome experience on a desktop PC. It’s not only distracting, but it also makes entering a password a tedious task. Although Microsoft added a delay before typing a password, users may still skip a few letters. Fortunately, you can disable the lock screen with the Group Policy editor, which is built into Windows 8.

Android 4.2 requires the feature

The new Android 4.2 operating system adds widgets to the lock screen, allowing users to display different information without unlocking the phone. These widgets, known as lock screen tiles, can be customized with the help of third-party apps. Developers are likely to bundle these widgets with their apps, making them a great way to personalize your phone. However, there are some limitations to lock screen widgets.

The new operating system also hides the Developer Options from users. To enable it, users must use an obscure method. To enable the option, go to Settings > About Phone and tap on the ‘Build number’ entry. Once you do, the Developer Options will pop up. If you cannot find it, go back to the previous version and tap on the ‘Build number’ option. You will then be presented with a list of developer options.
Apple’s lock screen replaces sliding gesture with pressing the Home button

After several years of waiting for the iPhone X, Apple has finally introduced its much-anticipated new touch-screen interface. The slick new lock screen makes it easy to unlock your phone with a simple press of the Home button. Unlike previous versions, the iPhone X’s screen is much easier to use, thanks to a new sliding gesture that lets you slide your finger across the display without touching the screen. But this is not the only change. You can also disable the “Press Home to Unlock” button.

Another change is that Apple has removed Slide-to-Unlock from the iPhone. While this change is not permanent, it is a welcome change for iPhone users. The new lock screen now lets you close apps by swiping up, rather than pressing the Home button. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be deleting the app, but it does mean that you’ll have to press the Home button to access the Camera app. The new lock screen also has a widget screen, fast camera access, and an option to ‘Slide to Unlock’ from the Home screen.

Siri on the lock screen can send emails and text messages

You can stop Siri from sending emails and text messages when you leave your phone unattended by disabling notifications on the lock screen. To do this, navigate to Settings > Siri. Then, disable “Access on Lock Screen” by choosing the option. If you don’t want Siri to send messages when your phone is unattended, you should not enable it at all. Alternatively, you can disable Siri entirely when you aren’t using the phone.

Messages received through Siri can be read aloud by you. It can read all messages, or only certain messages, or even send group messages. However, you must have Bluetooth headphones to use this feature. Besides Bluetooth headphones, you can use AirPods (second generation) or Powerbeats Pro to listen to Siri’s voice. You can tell Siri when a new message arrives by allowing Siri to play a tone. She will then read the name and message contents and announce that you have received the message.

Changing the passcode for the lock screen

If you’d like to change the passcode for the lock screen of your iPhone, you’ll first need to enter your current one. You’ll also need to type in your new one twice. After typing in the new passcode, you’ll see the options for the default passcode type, such as custom alphanumeric, 6 and 4 digit, or passcode-only. If you choose custom, you’ll be able to customize the length and type-in any number of characters that you want.

Changing the passcode for the lock screen is an excellent way to protect your iPhone from theft and unauthorized use. Apple uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect the data on your iPhone, so you can rest easy knowing that nobody can read your private data. You can change the passcode on your iPhone using the instructions below. The process to change the passcode for the lock screen is relatively simple. In just a few seconds, you can ensure that you have the best protection for your iPhone.


Basic Rules and Laws of Golf

1. Play Terms

1) Tee Up: It actually implies the moment to put the sphere on the tee or the beginning of the game, which describes the act of putting the round on the tee.

2) Tee Off: It means striking the first tee shot on the ball on the tee as well as the start time of the game. Tea-up as well as tea-off are used in the very same sense.

3) Honor: The person that can tee-shot first when determining the order of play is revealed as Bestow regard.

4) Environment-friendly Rate: The speed at which the sphere rolls on the green is greater than 2.8 meters/s, as well as less than that is slow. We check each day at the golf links, so you can ask the caddie as well as adjust the putting according to the rate.

5) Bring: A term that defines the distance the ball flies to the point where it drops, based on the point where it falls, not the distance the ball rolls.

6) Run: The distance that a ball rolls from Carry, the distance it flies to the point where it drops, is referred to as a run.

7) Puttinley: A term that describes the level to which instructions the ground on which the ball is put is inclined.

8) Conceed or Okay: When the sphere is close to the hole, it is shared as a conced when the hole is recognized. In terms used by novices, not specialist games, when the sphere is close to the length of the putter from the hole cup, the challenger expresses his/her intention to state all right, and also occasionally it is not. Simply put, there are no clearly specified criteria such as the range of the conced or the guidelines.
If you obtain a conced, it’s like placing one put, so you just have to add one point to the rating.

9) Mulligan: It’s a term made use of when a ball doesn’t fit in an opening cup, offering you another possibility without any punishment.

10) Drop: Commonly described as dropping a round, which implies relocating the round to a place where it can be played within a club when the sphere remains in a challenge or a certain setting as well as can not be hit unavoidably. Drop it from the knee level.

11) Short-term ball: It implies a ball that is put again as a get when the ball is lost or there is an opportunity of OB when seen from a range after a swing.

12) Booking: A system that permits you to book and also play with a certain team or individuals who are understaffed when a group requires 4 players yet are understaffed.

2. Golf fired terminology

1) Shot: Relying on the kind of club, it is expressed as Chauffeur Shot, Iron Shot, Wood Shot, etc. Extremely, when conjecturing with a putter, it is shared as “putting” rather than a putter shot.

2) Approach: When the sphere gets to around the eco-friendly, the approach expresses all shots that send the round near to the hole mug.

3) Lay Up: When the sphere remains in a setting where it is tough to send, it is advantageous to send the round to a beneficial position to make sure that the next shot can be quickly.

4) Straight Shot: A shot in which the ball flies in a straight line to the target factor.

5) Discolor Shot: A shot in which the round flexes from left to.

6) Draw Shot: A shot in which the round bends from right to left.

7) Slice: A shot in which the sphere flexes to the right as well as is made use of when it is adverse, unlike a discolor shot.

8) Hook: A shot in which the ball bends to the left as well as is made use of when it is negative, unlike a draw shot.

9) Duff: Make use of the metaphorical expression “Duff” when the club’s head hits the ground behind the ball without correctly contacting the round.

10) Garnish: When the head of a club does not properly call the round as well as hits the top of the ball, it is called topping.

11) Shank: Shank that fits the heel or hosel part, which is the joint in between the head and the shaft, not the facility of the club’s head, nearly 90 levels away from the.

3. Useful or skill-related golf terms

1) Solitary gamer: It suggests a player that gets over the variety of strokes from 72 to single digits based upon 18 openings as well as finally hits 73 to 81 strokes.

2) View Gamer: It implies a player who do with an average rating of one opening (base at-bats +1 over) as well as strikes the last 18 openings around 90 strokes.

3) Under par player: A gamer with a score lower than the typical 72 at-bats, as well as an excellent gamer who hits the final 71 at-bats or much less.

4) Backdoll: A symbolic representation of a gamer whose average last score is over 100 at-bats.

5) Handy: A gamer that is reasonably efficient playing with each other provides a handicap to a gamer that is not as good as N strokes.

4. Rounding (field) golf terms

golf term fairway
1) Caddie: They give solutions such as driving carts and supplying golf clubs to gamers to ensure that they can play smoothly throughout rounding.

2) Caddie Fee: Usually, we pay 120,000 won per 18 openings to help caddies during rounding, and if there are 4 gamers in the group, we pay 30,000 won per person.

3) Environment-friendly Charge: The charge you pay to play on the field throughout rounding ranges 100,000 won as well as 300,000 won relying on the fairway or season and also off-season.

4) Public Course: A program that is reasonably shorter than a normal training course or does not consist of 18 holes is described as a public training course or a public golf course, and the rate is likewise less than a normal program.

5) Ball Pen: Utilized to suggest the position of the ball prior to it is detected the green, as well as +2 fine is provided for grabbing the round without marking.

6) Divot: After a shot on a fairway, and so on, you need to take a shot on the yard or where the dirt is dug by the clubhead, and after that go back on it to make it also.

5. Golf Clothing Manners

Primarily, in the case of golf garments, both men and women must be cool, and men need to use cotton pants or cotton shorts with collared shirts. The shirt on the top ought to be inside the bottom.

Females can wear cotton pants or shorts or skirts, and also put on miniskirts, hot pants, leggings under skirts, as well as deep-cut tops are forbidden.

More information on golf outfit can be located via a separate uploading.


Basic decorum for novices in golf

Basic decorum for novices in golf

1) Tee-time:

Tea time is generally the same as an individual visit to play golf, so be mindful first, get here earlier than arranged tea time, have a chance to heat up, and do not miss out on tea time.

2) Tools:

Don’t carry more than 14 golf clubs in your golf bag.

3) Dress Code:

Otherwise a lot of them, they have the gown code required by the golf course, so let’s discover what the guidelines are before mosting likely to play golf.

You can play securely by considering the professional shop on the training course or by putting on lengthy pants (no pants or cargo pants) as well as a tee shirt with a collar, and don’t show up at the country club putting on flip-flops, pants or Tee shirts prior to the round.

4) That goes?

When beginning a golf game, you can determine who will certainly start first, so when the video game starts, the very first certified golf enthusiast can obtain the “honor” with the best score on the previous opening, or the player much from the hole on the fairway can tee off first

5) Take note of the Tee Markers.

When playing golf, take note of the tee pen.
The golf ball is located between two tee pens or behind 2 golf clubs.
Never put a golf round before a ticker.
Constantly play safely behind the pen.

6) Maintain the pace.

Among the largest problems for seasoned golfers is that they are beginner golfers who can’t equal other golf players around them, so hitting the ball after a practice swing or two,.

Keep your speed by catching the sphere faithfully as well as practicing swing less.
Don’t go also slowly than the front and also back groups

7) Out of Bound Spheres.

Areas outside the boundaries of the fairway can normally be determined by white lines or stacks, so hitting a golf ball outside the range includes a one-shot fine to ball game and returns to where you swung and try once more.

Water hazards are noted on the golf links as well as can be recognized by yellow and/or red heaps, do not select a round to arrive on the water danger.

8) Regard the Athletes.

It’s not very good to stroll before a person’s putt line on the eco-friendly.
Each impact is improper since it can alter the path of the ball.

It is respectful to stand where your darkness does not interfere with your buddy’s putt line.

It is likewise necessary to be considerate of fellow golfers.
Chatting or moving when it’s another player’s turn will distract you, so always turn off your cellular phone

9) Respect the Training Course.

Replace Divot, follow the cart path policies, elevate lawn if essential, if needed.

If you take notice of the guidelines and also cautions in the fairway, other golfers can enjoy and securely opening out ^ ^.

You can invite your companion in the next round, have manners and be an excellent golf player.


How to play display golf well.

Just how to play display golf well.

In many methods, you can play with your own golf methods and also skills.
It’s very practical.

It holds true that an increasing number of people are looking for screen fairway, although it is bad to play golf outdoors as a result of the present situation


The Relevance of Iron Option.

More Golins than expected have a tendency to miss this component a lot.

In regards to exactly how to play display golf well, choosing a golf club is really one of the essentials.

You exercise golf thinking that you will be proficient at golf if you utilize irons and also chauffeurs that are made use of a whole lot by golf professionals, yet obviously, if you are lucky, you can locate a golf club that fits you right away and also help you exercise, but most of them are not!


Those who have troubles with driving distance when practicing golf generally have a particular that the driving range differs depending on the iron head, so I wish you consider this component meticulously and pick the Iron Golf Club.

If you utilize a vast iron with a vast brush among casting heads or creating heads, you can grab both the distance as well as instructions at the same time, so please note that.
That seems like a plan.

You’ll obtain injured if you neglect the putting.

Normally, among those that discover exactly how to play screen golf well, there are often people that are not thinking about putting, which is the highlight of the last golf.

Of course, the ball doesn’t go into the hole without putting with a few hole-in-one or swings, but it takes place when you’re really lucky or you’re efficient distance estimation, strength, and also angle adjustment, and also placing is actually essential


method shot.

Many Golins make a lot of errors when they raise the ball up in the method they lift the ball.

In this situation, the majority of the time, the round does not drift high, however comes to be a leading sphere

If you are easy swing movements due to the fact that you are not confident of taking an appropriate approach shot, I hope you do not wait to exercise golf with a concentrate on frankly opening up the club headface and hitting with confidence.

In fact, there are a number of golf equipment at numerous screen golf courses that help you exercise golf, beginning with numerous golf clubs.

Normally, there are various types of numbers such as chauffeurs, irons, wood, putters, and so on, so any kind of participant can use them conveniently.

Of course, there are times when I directly purchase a golf club and also practice display golf, yet it’s hard to lug a club in a heavy golf bag whenever.

And if you’re a newbie at golf, it is essential to start exercising with a golf club inside the display golf course in the beginning as well as choose an iron that matches you.

I wish you grasp just how to play display golf well with a pleasant mindset this winter.


About Golf guide Post

1. When you begin, do you practice indoors vs. outdoors? vs. outside method range?

As a personal opinion of the coach, novices are recommended to practice inside.

When you are a beginner, it is much better to focus on remedying your swing than enjoying your sphere fly away.

These days, indoor practice arrays are very little different from exterior practice arrays due to the fact that almost the very same data as real outside shots are presented on the display with exact golf machines, and the majority of indoor technique varieties have swing evaluation equipments, so you can quickly fix your visit checking your position


indoor method array.

Benefits: Swing analysis, weather-unaffected, practicing in winter.

fairly affordable of a training school.

outside method variety.

Benefits: Examine the round high quality, easy to check the range of each club, can exercise with a sensation similar to the area

The most effective method is to do two at the same time.

It is recommended that you exercise while remedying your swing inside and also check out the outside method range every now and then to inspect the ball high quality as well as distance.

2. What should I finish with the golf club?

rental golf club.

Golf clubs are generally rented out free of charge at method premises.

I recommend that you make a full swing with a rental club

I recommend you acquire a golf club later on.

The factor is that I also made a full swing to examine just how strong my swing is.

Due to the fact that I need to get a club that fits my swing rate, not a heavy club, even if I’m skinny, I have to get my swing examined by my specialist and recommend a club that fits me to buy the right club as well as get a club that I can make use of for a very long time.

3. What do you need on your initial day of golf technique?

golf clothing.

Golf wear or comfy sports apparel is excellent, as well as loose clothing hinder swing and lesson experts checking their position, so it is advised to stay clear of clothes that are as well huge clothes


golf shoes.

When you are a newbie, you should prepare tennis shoes or golf shoes (called spikes).

Unlike normal tennis shoes, golf shoes have a drooping sign on all-time low of the golf shoes to avoid slipping, so if you have some power, you can use them in practice instead of tennis shoes.
You ‘d much better use golf shoes.

golf handwear covers.

Gloves are sold at golf shops or in regular technique varieties.

The salesman or expert can suggest gloves that fit your hand size and purchase them. (Prices are 10,000 to 30,000 won).

Gloves are consumables, so you require at least 3 when you pursue an outside round.
You can replace wet gloves on a rainy day, so please purchase a number of.