Colostum protein that’s good for your immune system.

These days, when interest in immunity has increased very much, colostrum protein has been steadily mentioned that it can reinforce it.
In fact, animal breast milk is rich in various substances that can help immunity, so it has the function of protecting fresh-world offspring until they produce antibodies on their own, especially at the beginning of childbirth.
People who have pets like dogs will know, but the full-fledged vaccination begins around two months after birth because they are already protected by breast milk’s immune substances.
Around the time when the unprecedented effect decreases, it is the right time to get vaccinated.

colostrum protein on the market mainly consists of products in the form of a mixture of these “colostrum” and general “fluid proteins,” and about 3% of first-milk protein seems to be common.
Just because it’s a herbaceous protein, it doesn’t mean it’s a protein made of 100% colostrum milk, so don’t misunderstand.
It can be seen as a protein containing colostrum milk.

Colostrum and lactoferrin.

First-milk is called a colostrum, and the form of nutritional supplements that can only be consumed separately is well developed.
In addition, there are products that have been concentrated by extracting only lactoferrin (see existing posting), which can be seen as the most important ingredient in colostrum protein.
Lactoferrin is an ingredient that is widely used by cat owners as an immune nutrient as well as for enhancing human immunity, but it is quite expensive, so they choose relatively inexpensive Choyu (colostrum).
In Japan, lactoferrin is also used to assist in dieting and is actually an ingredient that can contribute to reducing blood sugar and visceral fat.
In summary, whey protein, colostrum milk (colostrum), and lactoferrin are all available, so if combined directly, they could create significant benefits in terms of economy.


Colostrum’s immunity.

The effect of the colostrum on strengthening immunity is because it contains antibodies, a substance against pathogens.
In particular, several antibodies such as igA, igG, igM, igD, and igE, which are immunoglobulin, are found, and in fact, supplying herbal supplements to humans has shown a significant increase in the level of those antibodies.

Colostrum proteins have excellent effects on infectious diseases and inflammation in digestive organs such as the intestine, and there are also data that are good for improving symptoms such as diarrhea.
Lactoferrin, another key ingredient in the colostrum protein, is also an ingredient that can play a positive role directly or indirectly in the immune system, so it is called a natural immune enhancer.
Colostrum has an additional advantage because it also contains various trace amounts compared to regular milk.

Benefits of supplying colostrum protein. 초유단백질 효능

The main ingredient in the colostrum protein is the lactose protein separated from milk.
It goes without saying the importance of these proteins.
Protein is a major component of our body and a medium of various metabolic processes, so it is a nutrient that must be supplied properly every day.

However, as age increases, protein intake decreases, and these powders, which can easily and conveniently supply protein, are worth eating.

In fact, these protein powders, which can be easily consumed without digestive problems, provide significant advantages to the elderly.
Much more important than taking multiple vitamins or minerals is the balanced supply of the three major nutrients.

Growth Factor

Colostrum protein contains several growth factors led by igf-1.

Growth factors such as PDGF, EGF, VEGF, and TGF.
It is true that the functions of these growth factors themselves are closely related to growth, healing, recovery, etc., but it is hard to say that the effects of growth factors consumed by humans have been clearly verified due to the nature of the structure itself.

In particular, IGF-1 can also be obtained as an individual ingredient (typical deer extract) and some people take it thinking that it will have a muscle growth effect, and some people ask me for counseling, but I don’t recommend it personally.
However, it cannot be concluded that there is no possibility, and it is true that the protein’s function itself is clearly helpful for growth.

Less visceral fat.

Colostrum protein can grow muscles and provide diet effects.
This is because these functions improve fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity by the action of lactoferrin in colostrum protein, which can prevent the accumulation of visceral fat by properly controlling blood sugar.
It can also affect the signaling substances of fat cells and help them burn smoothly.


A book related job – Book designer

The jobs and book designer that the future society demands.

Book designer is considered a professional job that is expected to increase in demand in the future.
It is no exaggeration to say that today is the era of design. It wouldn’t be too much to say that everything in the world is a designer’s territory.

Designers can be largely divided into visual, video, fashion, industry, and residential.
We will deal with designers in more detail in other areas of occupation. And here we will introduce only book designers related to books.

The World of Book Designers

Book designers are people who design books. As the use of images increases explosively the importance of book design is also increasing day by day.

Looking at the recent publishing trend, book designers are evolving into “art directors”
Who oversees the comprehensive placement of photos, pictures, and layouts along with writing.

Veteran book designers release a book. And you can feel that book designers work with as much thought as planners and authors.

Book designers and editors have a lot in common.
I work to improve completeness by properly arranging all the elements that make up the book.


A book related job – Editor

What is editing?

All the books we see came to the world through an editor.

Speaking of paper books, the work of collecting and weaving text and image manuscripts according to certain intentions is called “editing. 엑시인피니티게임

The area of editing is expanding further with the development of media. In addition to paper books, the role of the editor is emerging in various areas such as music, photos, and else.

The editor is involved in the entire process of creating a book and works.

Someone compared the editor to a chef, which is plausible.

The editor and the chef certainly resemble. Each other in that they plan and make dishes (books) suitable for the ingredients (manuscripts).

Just as different dishes and flavors come out depending on who makes them with the same ingredients, the shape and quality of the book vary depending on the editor.

The book <The Joy of Editing>, written by a Japanese editor named Masanobu Sugatsuge, even argues that “the history of mankind is the history of editing.”

It specifically presents how the act of editing began historically and what good editing is like.

The author believes that “editing” is bound to be involved in all actions of exchanging information.

And communicating, and that future society will be an era in which editorial power is competitive.

Various magazines are included as examples, so you can enjoy watching them. It is an introductory document recommended for publishing-related careers, especially college students or adults who dream of becoming editors.


Working as an editor.

To become an editor, I tend to think that I must graduate from the Department of Korean Language and Literature.
But that’s not the case at all.

The editor’s major subjects are as diverse as the books to be published.
(Of course, publishers who publish specialized books in a specific field often select majors in that field.)

Editors often work for publishers, so their work styles follow the publisher’s color.

Literature, humanities and social sciences, arts, economic management, practical books, children, education, learning references, and learning cartoons vary in editors’ work depending on the publisher’s main areas.


A book related job – Translator and publishing agent.

What kind of job will a translator do?

They are like another author of the translation.
The sentence the reader is reading is not written by the original author, but by the translator. Translating the original work written in a foreign language.
You can understand is not something you can do only well in foreign languages.

It is the translator who has all of this, including an understanding of works and writers, foreign language proficiency, and other proficiency.

When it comes to translators, they usually think of publishing translators who release books. In addition, there is also a “video translator” who is in charge of translating subtitles for videos such as movies.


What would it be like as a job?

After the AlphaGo shock, people realized that artificial intelligence and robots can replace people. Is that why?

Not long ago, a survey of members on a job site found that translators were ranked No. 1
Because I thought artificial intelligence translators were more than 90% likely to replace translators’ jobs.

What do you all think? The editor thought that the opposite result should come out.

Human language is unpredictable, changeless in itself. The same word is often used differently depending on the context. Can the translator really replace the numerous meanings contained in a sentence, that is, the intentions of the person who speaks, the context in which the sentence is written, the various psychologies conveyed through the context, and the numerous non-verbal expressions used in speaking?

For reference, in 2018, an organization called the International Translation Association hosted a “5-5 Translation Competition” between AI translators and human translators.

The result ended with an overwhelming victory for humans.

It is artificial intelligence that beat the world’s strongest Go player, but it has not been a human opponent in translation.

In response, Mike Schuster, who is in charge of Google’s research on the development of artificial intelligence translators, clearly says, “It is difficult for AI to replace human translators.”



A book related job – The Writer

The person who creates the content of the book, the writer.

For a book-related job, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of it is a writer. 택배조회
A ‘writer’ is a person who makes content. In addition to those who write in the book,
Writing necessary for radio or broadcast programs, dramas, movies, plays, musicals, etc.
All writers are broadly referred to as “writers.”
In addition to writing manuscripts, the person who creates image manuscripts such as photos and paintings, webtoons, and cartoons is also a writer.

finding book

Do you need special talent to become a writer?

There is a child who is now 10 years old. He likes books, but writing is also difficult.
When I asked, “How about becoming a writer when you grow up?” he shook his head that there is no possibility of that.
People misunderstand that in order to become a writer, you have to write smoothly just by holding a pencil.
Shall we? Here are the answers in several books dealing with The Things You Need to Become a Writer.

Please recommend it to lower-grade elementary school children who only feel distant from the writer.

Helen Leicester – I’ll be a writer!

This book is an autobiographical picture book written by Helen Leicester, an American elementary school teacher-turned-writer. As a child, she had never dreamed of becoming a writer. I had a hard time writing, and I thought I should be a member of the circus. After becoming a teacher, I started writing with my children, but there is also an episode in which the publisher rejected the manuscript several times until the first book was published. But now I live as a popular artist who has published numerous picture books. It’s all in the picture book above.
This book is worth reading alone even for children in lower grades of elementary school who are not familiar with reading. The content is pleasant and fun, so children like it. It would be nice to talk about what it takes to become a writer while reading with children.

boys are reading bookPlease recommend it to elementary school kids who dream of becoming writers.

Eileen Christelow – How does a writer write a book?

It is a picture book that shows how writers get ideas, how to complete writing, and publish books. It’s a picture book in the form of a cartoon, so even children who don’t like to read books or only like comic books can enjoy it. The way pets living with writers become speakers and describe their owners is unique and interesting. After reading this book, I feel a little less distant from the writer. Every time they write, they struggle to come up with ideas, and they get upset when they can’t write well.

Please recommend it to children who are curious about what they need to prepare to become writers.

Joanne K. Rowling – Show us the power of storytelling.

The “The Person I Dream of” series is a good book where you can get both practical knowledge information and fun by combining career and character stories. The book above tells the story of Joanne Rowling’s birth of Harry Potter.
Joanne Rowling is said to have made her own secret notes since she was young


, and wrote down what came to mind when she was playing with friends, traveling by train, and having time alone. In addition, there are many details that can help children who dream of becoming writers, such

as “Make their own writing notes” and “Write the plot again as a villain.” It’s good to introduce various writing jobs such as indicator and book columnist. It has about 200 pages, which is suitable for elementary and middle school students to read.