A book related job – An illustrator

An illustrator that lights up the writing.

The dictionary meaning of illustration is translated into ‘insertion’ or ‘drawing’. “Insertion” refers to a picture that intervenes between the texts, and “Dohae” refers to a picture that explains it.
The demand for illustrations is on the rise across the industry. Recently, the use of illustration has been expanding for character design, stationery or product design, fashion, video animation, and advertisements. In the field of publications, illustrations are expanding beyond the realm of “insertion” to the realm of writers, and a typical example is picture books. Picture book illustration is the area of the artist who interacts with the text to create a third outcome.


Living as an illustrator.

Active illustrators usually upload their portfolios on their personal homepages or specific gallery sites and work at the request of companies. In other words, you search through this portfolio for pictures needed for any writing or concept. Therefore, efforts are needed to reveal one’s work and personality. In other words, it also means that even if you don’t have a personal connection or private connection, you have an open way to become a writer with your paintings.

In charge of illustrating publications, it takes a process of coordinating opinions with many people, including writers, editors, planners, and designers. Even if it is the same article, each reader can have different opinions and images, so it is difficult to coordinate them and produce results. Editors are also making books while experiencing this process in person. There are definitely times when it’s hard because we don’t agree. ^^

Nevertheless, this process is also the most attractive and thrilling moment throughout the book creation. The moment the pictures in your head were embodied and revealed in front of you, the illustrator was the creator who created a new world in the book. In that respect, picture books sometimes come as works of art. In the world of books written and drawn by the author, readers laugh, cry, and experience healing as much as they want.

happy illustrator
happy illustrator

If you’re interested in illustrators and picture book writers

Do you think you have to major in art and graduate from art to become an illustrator? But it’s not necessarily. It is more important to meet books that match the individuality expressed in the picture and to communicate and collaborate well. In particular, illustrations related to books require humanities knowledge and sensibility because they must be able to read the meaning of the text and my intention. Those who work as the best illustrators and picture book writers are also great book enthusiasts.

Anyone who has never thought of a career path like “I’m not good at drawing” or “I’ve never learned art”? During art class, you close your mouth and stare at the sketchbook with an angry face? Please instill confidence that such a child can become a painter as much as possible. Peter Reynolds’ “Dot”, “As You Feel”, and “As You Draw” are books that show that the artist’s skills are not “growing” but “not breaking them down.” I recommend teachers and parents read the random pictures on the drawing paper, along with an open mind that recognizes them as works, a feeling of looking at things, praise that encourages them to express freely without prejudice, and children who dream of becoming painters.