Colostum protein that’s good for your immune system.

These days, when interest in immunity has increased very much, colostrum protein has been steadily mentioned that it can reinforce it.
In fact, animal breast milk is rich in various substances that can help immunity, so it has the function of protecting fresh-world offspring until they produce antibodies on their own, especially at the beginning of childbirth.
People who have pets like dogs will know, but the full-fledged vaccination begins around two months after birth because they are already protected by breast milk’s immune substances.
Around the time when the unprecedented effect decreases, it is the right time to get vaccinated.

colostrum protein on the market mainly consists of products in the form of a mixture of these “colostrum” and general “fluid proteins,” and about 3% of first-milk protein seems to be common.
Just because it’s a herbaceous protein, it doesn’t mean it’s a protein made of 100% colostrum milk, so don’t misunderstand.
It can be seen as a protein containing colostrum milk.

Colostrum and lactoferrin.

First-milk is called a colostrum, and the form of nutritional supplements that can only be consumed separately is well developed.
In addition, there are products that have been concentrated by extracting only lactoferrin (see existing posting), which can be seen as the most important ingredient in colostrum protein.
Lactoferrin is an ingredient that is widely used by cat owners as an immune nutrient as well as for enhancing human immunity, but it is quite expensive, so they choose relatively inexpensive Choyu (colostrum).
In Japan, lactoferrin is also used to assist in dieting and is actually an ingredient that can contribute to reducing blood sugar and visceral fat.
In summary, whey protein, colostrum milk (colostrum), and lactoferrin are all available, so if combined directly, they could create significant benefits in terms of economy.


Colostrum’s immunity.

The effect of the colostrum on strengthening immunity is because it contains antibodies, a substance against pathogens.
In particular, several antibodies such as igA, igG, igM, igD, and igE, which are immunoglobulin, are found, and in fact, supplying herbal supplements to humans has shown a significant increase in the level of those antibodies.

Colostrum proteins have excellent effects on infectious diseases and inflammation in digestive organs such as the intestine, and there are also data that are good for improving symptoms such as diarrhea.
Lactoferrin, another key ingredient in the colostrum protein, is also an ingredient that can play a positive role directly or indirectly in the immune system, so it is called a natural immune enhancer.
Colostrum has an additional advantage because it also contains various trace amounts compared to regular milk.

Benefits of supplying colostrum protein. 초유단백질 효능

The main ingredient in the colostrum protein is the lactose protein separated from milk.
It goes without saying the importance of these proteins.
Protein is a major component of our body and a medium of various metabolic processes, so it is a nutrient that must be supplied properly every day.

However, as age increases, protein intake decreases, and these powders, which can easily and conveniently supply protein, are worth eating.

In fact, these protein powders, which can be easily consumed without digestive problems, provide significant advantages to the elderly.
Much more important than taking multiple vitamins or minerals is the balanced supply of the three major nutrients.

Growth Factor

Colostrum protein contains several growth factors led by igf-1.

Growth factors such as PDGF, EGF, VEGF, and TGF.
It is true that the functions of these growth factors themselves are closely related to growth, healing, recovery, etc., but it is hard to say that the effects of growth factors consumed by humans have been clearly verified due to the nature of the structure itself.

In particular, IGF-1 can also be obtained as an individual ingredient (typical deer extract) and some people take it thinking that it will have a muscle growth effect, and some people ask me for counseling, but I don’t recommend it personally.
However, it cannot be concluded that there is no possibility, and it is true that the protein’s function itself is clearly helpful for growth.

Less visceral fat.

Colostrum protein can grow muscles and provide diet effects.
This is because these functions improve fat metabolism and insulin sensitivity by the action of lactoferrin in colostrum protein, which can prevent the accumulation of visceral fat by properly controlling blood sugar.
It can also affect the signaling substances of fat cells and help them burn smoothly.