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Julie Hyzy
Virtual Sabotage

Julie Hyzy brings Virtual Sabatoge to Solved! Libby Hellman hosts.

Kenna Ward, is an envoy for a virtual reality company. Their implants bring fantasy to reality.  It all happens in your head. But, when the human brain mistakes virtual situations for real life it’s her job to pull the humans back. Then, a key envoy goes rogue, Ward finds a sinister conspiracy to launch a take over of both worlds. Can she stop it? Or will there be no independent minds left to control?

Air Date:  

October 24, 2018 @ 12:00 pm

About This Book

Virtual Sabotage

Virtual Sabotage
Julie Hyzy
Air Date/Time October 24, 12:00 noon (Central)
1st ed., paperback. Calexia

Virtual Sabotage introduces Kenna Ward, an envoy for a virtual reality company whose implants create a thrilling world that allows people to create daring scenarios in a safe environment.

Most of the time, that is. When in the rare instance the human brain mistakes the terrifying event as real, it’s up to Ward to enter the scenario and pull them back...[+] READ MORE

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