Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel ‘2023 Lunar New Year Gift Set’

The Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel will showcase the 2023 Lunar New Year Gift Hamper, which will deliver gratitude for the upcoming 2023 Lunar New Year with high-quality gifts, at The Delhi, located on the lobby floor from January 3 to 24.

The New Year’s Gift Hamper, prepared by The Delhi, consists of a set of six types that allow hotel chefs to give classy gifts by sticking to only the finest ingredients. The Delhi’s signature products are the best holiday gifts to entertain the taste buds of the recipient in perfect harmony. 서울 호캉스 추천

The six types of “Jeju Gift Hamper” consist of ▲ holiday’s representative three types of Korean beef tenderloin, rib eye, and sirloin, and “Napa Cut Cabernet Sauvignon”, which is good for pairing with meat flavor. ▲ Jeju Galbi Set, which is a premium seafood restaurant “Teras” ▲ Grand Hyatt Seoul’s famous restaurant.”Grand New Year’s Hamper” consisting of red wine “The Beast Shiraz” recommended by a hotel sommelier, foie gras spread, green olives, caramelise cashew nuts, etc. ▲ A combination of soft tannin and aroma will be made up of Italian red wine “Bel Baro” and high-quality New Year’s Day ingredients, “Belle Baro’s Special,” which will make a pleasant New Year’s special.

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