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The Black Heavens: Abraham Lincoln and Death POSTPONED


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Brian Dirck is unable to be on the show. We expect to reschedule in the next few weeks.

The Black Heavens: Abraham Lincoln and Death
Brian R. Dirck
Air Date/Time February 20, 3:00 PM (Central)
1st ed., 240 pages, Southern IL University Press

From multiple personal tragedies to the terrible carnage of the Civil War, death might be alongside emancipation of the slaves and restoration of the Union as one of the great central truths of Abraham Lincoln’s life. The Black Heavens: Abraham Lincoln and Death is the first in-depth account of how the sixteenth president responded to the riddles of mortality, undertook personal mourning, and coped with the extraordinary burden of sending hundreds of thousands of soldiers to be killed on battlefields. In showing how Lincoln understood and responded to death, both privately and publicly, Dirck paints a compelling portrait of a commander in chief who buried two sons and gave the orders that sent an unprecedented number of Americans to their deaths.

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