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A House Divided Welcomes
Peter Cozzens

The Epic Story of the Indian Wars for the American West

Join us when Daniel Weinberg talks to historian and author Peter Cozzens.

Peter will talk about his latest book, The Earth is Weeping: The Epic Story of the Indian Wars in the American West.

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A House Divided Welcomes
Thomas Army, Jr.

Engineering Victory Tom Army, Jr.

Join us when Bjorn Skaptason talks to historian and author Thomas Army, Jr.

Thomas  will talk about his latest book,  Engineering Victory: How Technology Won the Civil War.

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Our Host

M. Sylvia Castle, Photographer

Daniel R. Weinberg, is president of the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. The shop has an international reputation as experts in the buying, selling, appraisal and authentication of historical, literary, artistic, and museum properties etc., since 1938. He is also the founder of Virtual Book Signing and Author’s Voice™; interactive platforms designed to bring the experience of a book signing to any device in any place across the world.

Daniel is co-author of Lincoln’s Assassins: Their Trial and Execution and he has lectured extensively on the subject. He has appeared on both C-Span and the History Channel.

Our Host

Bjorn Skaptason

Bjorn Skaptason holds a M.A., in history from Loyola University Chicago.

He has published essays on Ambrose Bierce at Shiloh for the Ambrose Bierce Project Journal, on the United States Colored Troops in the campaign and battle of Brice’s Crossroads for the West Tennessee Historical Society Papers, and in the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society on The Chicago Light Artillery.

A dealer in antiquarian books, Bjorn produces and guest hosts A House Divided for Author’s Voice™, a live book discussion program streamed from Abraham Lincoln Book Shop, Inc. in Chicago.